Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower

Product rating
2.5 out of 5 stars
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Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower

Product code:
Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower



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Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower

Product rating
2.5 out of 5 stars


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Product Details

Product Information

This Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Lawnmower is ideal for cutting grass and keeping your lawn neat and tidy (suitable for gardens up to 350 m²).

  • Cutting width - 360 mm, 4 cutting heights from 13-32 mm
  • Collection capacity - 30 L
  • 1800 W Mains powered
  • 1 year Manufacturer Warranty

Features and Benefits

Flymo’s most advanced and best hover mower ever made. Its’s unique, patented DuoTech system allows it collects more grass, cut closer to the edges of your lawn and gives a better all-round finish. It makes mowing quicker and easier than ever before. This unique system allows you to move the UltraGlide in any direction and still collect the grass, unlike all other lawnmowers.

  • Designed for medium-large domestic lawns the Flymo UltraGlide is able to use its’ DuoTech system to allow users to mow over the edges of their lawn without losing the cushion of air required for the hover mower to operate
  • Comes fitted with a powerful 1800W motor and a 36cm metal cutting blade, which helps to cut the grass cleanly and prevents fraying and the yellowing of the grass tips, resulting in a much healthier looking lawn.
  • Offers four cutting heights ranging from 13mm-32mm, which are easily adjustable to your preference. There is no need to add or remove spacers, with one single lever to adjust located on the side of the machine, makes it quick, easy and convenient
  • With an integrated grass box and an easy fold down handle, the Flymo UltraGlide is easy and convenient to store. The grass collection box has an impressive capacity of 30L
  • Transport wheels located on the front of the lawnmower, which means it is easily transported to and from the lawn. The UltraGlide has a spring assisted ‘always ready’ handle that you just need to secure in the position which is right for you.
  • The grassbox is easy to remove and empty, and has a Vision Window, which allows you to see when the grass box is full

Technical Specifications

Technical specification of Flymo UltraGlide 9671987-01 Corded Hover Lawnmower
Cutting width 360mm
Cutting capacity 4 cutting heights from 13-32 mm
Collection capacity 30L
Power output 1800W
Cable length 15m
Material Metal & plastic
Propulsion type Hand-propelled
Weight 12kg

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Lawn care tips

Lawn care tips

A good lawn brings all the elements of your garden together and creates a perfect area for relaxation and fun - for children of all sizes. And with just a little effort, it can look lush and green all year round.

The task of looking after garden grass varies with the seasons as well as the weather. There's little to do in winter, but as the weather warms up, it's time to start readying your lawn for the summer ahead. We'll take you through what to do to get the best from your lawn - from tips on how to remove moss and weeds, how and when to feed it and how to mow most effectively to create a lawn that will be the envy of all your friends.

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Buying guides

Lawnmowers buying guide

Lawnmowers buying guide

A lawnmower is essential to help keep your lawn looking good all year round. But with so many options to choose from and so much technical talk, finding the right one can be challenging.

That's why we're here to help. We'll take you through the different types of lawnmower available, the power sources on offer and all the features to look out for to make mowing your lawn as easy and simple as possible. So whether you have a small patch of grass or a whole field to take care of, we've got the right lawnmower for you.

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Before you begin

A few questions about how you’ll be using your mower can help narrow down your shopping options to find the perfect one.

How large is the lawn?

While smaller spaces are better suited to compact, lightweight mowers, larger gardens need a more durable and robust lawnmower. Greater power is needed to get around these broader lawns quickly and easily. Similarly, there are a number of innovative features that will help make even the toughest mowing job simple so look out for these.

Where will the lawnmower be stored?

Before deciding on the size of your lawnmower, think about both access and storage. Do you need to pass through gates in order to mow your back and front gardens? If so, be sure to measure these in advance of buying to avoid snapping up a model too big to fit through the doors. The same is true of where you'll be storing your lawnmower – make sure you can get it into your shed or garage, as well as having enough space to keep it out of the way.

How close is the lawn to a power source?

A power source close to your lawn gives you more options when it comes to your choice of lawnmower. However, don’t fret if your garden is very large or your lawn away from the power source – we have a wide range of mowers to suit every situation and size of garden.

Let's go through your options.

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