Mixxit Storage Cube Furniture

Our premium quality storage cubes that bring both style and function to any room. Make a statement with the contemporary geometric styling of the Mixxit system. By combining the cubes vertically or horizontally you can express your creative side while maximising your storage space.

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Mixxit white swatch Mixxit oak swatch Mixxit grey anthrocite swatch

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  • Mixxit 9 Storage Cube

    Mixxit 9 Storage Cube

    3 by 3 storage cube

  • Mixxit 8 Storage Cube

    Mixxit 8 Storage Cube

    4 by 2 storage cube

  • Mixxit 6 Storage Cube

    Mixxit 6 Storage Cube

    3 by 2 storage cube

  • Mixxit 4 Storage Cube

    Mixxit 4 Storage Cube

    2 by 2 storage cube

  • Mixxit 3 Storage Cube

    Mixxit 3 Storage Cube

    3 by 1 storage cube

  • Mixxit 2 Storage Cube

    Mixxit 2 Storage Cube

    2 by 2 storage cube

  • Mixxit Accessories

    Mixxit Accessories

    Mixxit drawers, shelves, dividers & doors.

  • Mixxit Storage Baskets

    Mixxit Storage Baskets

    Storage cubes for Mixxit storage units

How Mixxit works

Image of how the Mixxit storage system works