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Habana Smoke is a slightly greyish brown that fits nicely with wooden surfaces.

Habana Smoke room shot

What's the story?

“In Locarno, Switzerland, I visited an old and well-established tobacco store that primarily offered own-produced varieties of tobacco and special cigars. The different sorts of tobacco were put into glasses with screw caps and stored in shelves, just like candy in a sweet shop. The whole room smelled intensively of tobacco and, as far as colour is concerned, consisted almost entirely of tobacco shades. The sensory impressions from this visit I summarized shortly after with the shade HABANA SMOKE.“

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Styling tip:

HABANA SMOKE is a greyish brown colour that works perfectly with COZY ATMOSPHERE. Both shades are muted, elegant colours that fit nicely in spaces with wooden surfaces. A cooler counterpart, like ICED SURPRISE, achieves a harmonious balance of warmth and coolness. Try against CONTZEN WHITE to really brighten up a room.

Lars Contzen about colours:

“The beauty of a colour does not depend on a particular object. Every colour may tell a thousand stories. Use colours the way you like them best. There are colour combinations, though, that harmonize perfectly.”

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