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Navy Blue colour looks very classical and gives rooms a distinctive face.

  • Navy Blue
    Navy Blue
  • Navy Blue 2
    Navy Blue 2
  • Navy Blue 3
    Navy Blue 3
  • Navy Blue 4
    Navy Blue 4

Navy Blue room shot

What's the story?

“On my search for the perfect colour, I once went through the French holiday resort Soulac sur Mer on my bike. At the garden fence of a holiday home, I noticed a handwritten sign. It only displayed two telephone numbers that were to be called for rental. Although it certainly was not supposed to meet any special design requirements, the wooden sign radiated a loveable charm. The dark blue of the sign received the name NAVY BLUE, since to me its shade immediately arouse maritime connotations.“

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Lars Contzen about colours:

“The beauty of a colour does not depend on a particular object. Every colour may tell a thousand stories. Use colours the way you like them best. There are colour combinations, though, that harmonize perfectly.”

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