Farrow & Ball Colours

Whether you want to create a calm and neutral colour scheme or a bold decorating statement, you'll find the perfect colour with Farrow & Ball. Discover 132 unmatched paint colours in a variety of finishes.

Neutrals are understated, subtle and refined. These shades make a superb backdrop for a sympathetic splash of colour or they co-ordinate with each other to create a comforting environment to unwind in.

Current Promotions

  • All White No.2005

    All White No.2005

  • Ammonite No.274

    Ammonite No.274

  • Archive No.227

    Archive No.227

  • Blackened No.2011

    Blackened No.2011

  • Bone No.15

    Bone No.15

  • Charleston Gray No.243

    Charleston Gray No.243

  • Clunch No.2009

    Clunch No.2009

  • Cornforth White No.228

    Cornforth White No.228

  • Cromarty No.285

    Cromarty No.285

  • Dimity No.2008

    Dimity No.2008

  • Dimpse No.277

    Dimpse No.277

  • Dove Tail No.267

    Dove Tail No.267

  • Drop Cloth No.283

    Drop Cloth No.283

  • Elephant's Breath No.229

    Elephant's Breath No.229

  • French Gray No.18

    French Gray No.18

  • Great White No.2006

    Great White No.2006

  • House White no.2012

    House White no.2012

  • James White No.2010

    James White No.2010

  • Joa's White No.226

    Joa's White No.226

  • Lime White No.1

    Lime White No.1

  • Lamp Room Gray No.88

    Lamp Room Gray No.88

  • London Stone No.6

    London Stone No.6

  • Manor House Gray No.265

    Manor House Gray No.265

  • Matchstick No.2013

    Matchstick No.2013

  • Mizzle No.266

    Mizzle No.266

  • Mole's Breath No.276

    Mole's Breath No.276

  • New White No.59

    New White No.59

  • Off-White No.3

    Off-White No.3

  • Old White No.4

    Old White No.4

  • Oxford Stone No.264

    Oxford Stone No.264

  • Pavilion Gray No.242

    Pavilion Gray No.242

  • Pigeon No.25

    Pigeon No.25

  • Pointing No.2003

    Pointing No.2003

  • Purbeck Stone No.275

    Purbeck Stone No.275

  • Shaded White No.201

    Shaded White No.201

  • Shadow White No.282

    Shadow White No.282

  • Slipper Satin No.2004

    Slipper Satin No.2004

  • Skimming Stone No.241

    Skimming Stone No.241

  • Stony Ground No.211

    Stony Ground No.211

  • String No.8

    String No.8

  • Strong White No.2001

    Strong White No.2001

  • Wevet No.273

    Wevet No.273

  • White Tie No.2002

    White Tie No.2002

  • Wimborne White No.239

    Wimborne White No.239

  • Worsted No.284

    Worsted No.284

Reds are bold, invigorating and passionate. From impactful hot reds to softer pinks, you can use reds in any space.

Current Promotions

  • Calamine No. 230

    Calamine No. 230

  • Middleton Pink No.245

    Middleton Pink No.245

  • Peignoir No.286

    Peignoir No.286

  • Pink Ground No.202

    Pink Ground No.202

  • Rectory Red No.217

    Rectory Red No.217

  • Red Earth No.64

    Red Earth No.64

Yellows can be cheerful, intense, gentle and everything in between, but they’ll always add optimism to your home.

Current Promotions

  • Babouche No.223

    Babouche No.223

  • Farrow's Cream No.67

    Farrow's Cream No.67

  • Hay No.37

    Hay No.37

  • Ringwold Ground No.208

    Ringwold Ground No.208

  • Tallow No.203

    Tallow No.203

Green has a calming influence in any space due to its connection to nature, the Farrow & Ball palette of organic greens is a timeless choice.

Current Promotions

  • Ball Green No.75

    Ball Green No.75

  • Cooking Apple Green No.32

    Cooking Apple Green No.32

  • Green Ground No.206

    Green Ground No.206

  • Lichen No.19

    Lichen No.19

  • Teresa's Green No.236

    Teresa's Green No.236

  • Vert De Terre No. 234

    Vert De Terre No. 234

Blues are often thought to be cool, but Farrow & Ball offers a unique range of blues encompassing rich navies, restful aquas and fresh tones.

Current Promotions

  • Borrowed Light No.235

    Borrowed Light No.235

  • Dix Blue No.82

    Dix Blue No.82

  • Hague Blue No.30

    Hague Blue No.30

  • Inchyra Blue No.289

    Inchyra Blue No.289

  • Light Blue No.22

    Light Blue No.22

  • Pale Powder No.204

    Pale Powder No.204

  • Parma Gray No.27

    Parma Gray No.27

  • Pitch Blue No.220

    Pitch Blue No.220

  • Skylight No.205

    Skylight No.205

  • Stiffkey Blue No.281

    Stiffkey Blue No.281

  • Vardo No.288

    Vardo No.288

Dark colours are increasingly used as an alternative neutral in rooms, creating an intense and unexpected backdrop to colourful art, fabrics and accessories.

Current Promotions

  • Brassica No.271

    Brassica No.271

  • Down Pipe No.26

    Down Pipe No.26

  • Pitch Black No.256

    Pitch Black No.256

  • Plummett No.272

    Plummett No.272

  • Railings No.31
  • Studio Green No.93

    Studio Green No.93

  • Tanner's Brown No.255

    Tanner's Brown No.255


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Give any room in your home a luxury finish with the opulent range of colours from Farrow & Ball. Combining quality, richly coloured pigments and providing a superior long-lasting finish, Farrow & Ball are true to the formulations from the original founders. All 132 stunning colours are available at B&Q.