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  • 16+1 Torque settings

Technical specifications

Technical specification of Performance Power Cordless 14.4V Combi Drill 1 Battery PDD144A
Brand Performance Power
Number of batteries 1
Voltage rating 14.4V
Amp rating 1.3Ah
Rotation direction Forward and reverse
Locking device Automatic spindle lock
Handle type Soft grip handle
Colour description Black, grey & red
Model PDD144A
Weight 3.5kg

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Buying guides

Drills buying guide

Drills buying guide

The drill is the most popular and versatile of all power tools and has become an essential in every DIY tool kit. Not only useful for drilling holes into a variety of materials, they can also be used to drive home screws (with the correct bit attached).

Consider whether you will be looking for a drill with a 'hammer' action - Not only can these drills rotate a drill bit, but they can also apply a 'hammering' action. Switch to hammer (or impact) mode, and the drill bit is vibrated and shunted forwards rapidly as it turns. This makes for quick work, especially through harder wall surfaces or materials. Fit a specialist chisel bit, and you can use your hammer drill for 'chasing' - making a channel in walls to hide wires and cables.

This guide will help you to choose the right drill for your needs - and explain the function of some of the most popular accessories.

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