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Whether you are starting with a completely empty house, bungalow or flat or are simply replacing some or all of the furniture in one room, your local B&Q store has just what you need. You will find display units and tables for your living room in an excellent range of styles and attractive wood finishes. For the dining room or dining area we have just the dining table and chairs to suit. For both living and dining, choose from five different styles. The kids are not forgotten. Kids’ furniture comes in two different styles and includes desks, chests of drawers and three designs of bed. You can have a high level bunk with a ladder which leaves lots of useable space beneath, one at mid level or a low level bed, whichever you or the kids prefer.

Home study is a feature of many people’s lives at all ages. B&Q offer all those items of furniture that help you to study in comfort with everything organised. Desks are probably the most obvious item and our range includes both traditional style writing desks and computer work stations. Even in this electronic age books are still an important study item so bookcases and other display units are all there for you and filing cabinets too and drawer units to keep your hard copies organised. Conservatories are very popular these days and your B&Q store keeps several ranges of furniture purpose built for the conservatory. Enjoy your conservatory in comfort and style with a little help from B&Q.


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