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B&Q now accepts VISA purchasing card

Improve your purchasing efficiencies – B&Q now accepts Visa Purchasing Card


You can now use your Visa Purchasing Card at the country's largest diy retailer – isn't it great to know that there's one supplier who can provide everything you need for those essential maintenance projects.

At B&Q we see purchasing cards as a very effective and efficient means of procurement. That's why we have made a significant investment in becoming a Level 3 purchasing card merchant enabling us to offer you line item detail, including additional VAT information on all your purchases. So now you can expect:

  • Level 3 reporting
  • Line item detail on all purchases
  • Monthly, VAT accredited invoice
  • Simple to use; no need for petty cash, account set up or expense claims
  • Significant reduction in transaction costs

If you're looking to improve your purchasing efficiencies and provide a one-stop-shop for your colleagues, then remember you can now use Visa Purchasing Cards at B&Q.

If you don’t already have a procurement card programme speak with your bank in the first instance.

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