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If you have a DIY or home improvement question, you can now ask other customers for their advice. In turn, if you know the answer, please share your expertise!

Questions that attract the most helpful answers are those that ask for project advice and/or invite a more general discussion e.g. "Can anyone suggest what to plant in my greenhouse at this time of year?" or "I have just had my B&Q kitchen fitted - can anyone recommend some finishing touches?".

*Please note: If you have a specific question about a B&Q product or a question that you would like answered by a member of B&Q staff please do not use Question and Answer. Similarly, please do not post questions about delivery, availability or customer service. Queries and issues of this nature should be passed to our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help, thank-you.

So how do i ask a question?

To ask questions and receive valuable answers from fellow B&Q customers*, just select either Garden, Rooms, Dècor, Fix or Build and then select a category to view existing Questions & Answers e.g. Garden Buildings.