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Plan it



Tips and advice on how to plan your modular bedroom

Planning your new dream bedroom doesn't have to be hard work. Just start by thinking about the pros and cons of your existing bedroom layout. The most important question has to be whether you have enough storage? If you do, is it the right sort - do you have too many drawers but not enough hanging space for example? Are there bulky items you need to store or things that you only need to get to occasionally? Get creative, have fun and play around with different ideas and you can easily make the most of the space you have and design a bedroom that's stylish, practical and packed with great features.

Step One

Step 1 - Sketch it out

Make a rough sketch of your bedroom and include all fixed features, like doors, windows, electricity points, curtain poles etc.

TIP: Start by thinking about what you need to store. You will need hanging space for most of your clothes, internal shelves for jumpers, bridging units for bulky items, and enough drawers for underwear, socks etc.

Step Two

Step 2 - Measure up

Take precise measurements of the room, taking into account all of the fixed features listed in step one. Remember to take every relevant measurement. Bear in mind that walls are rarely 100% straight. You should take measurements at 3 heights and widths. Always work with the smallest measurement.

TIP: Most of your clothes will hang in ‘short hanging space’ but you will require ‘long hanging space’ for three quarter length and longer items.

Step Three

Step 3 - Get creative

Start with the position of your bed first and then work around that. You will probably play around with a few different furniture layouts before you find something that works for you.

TIP: Whereas most women’s clothes hang, about half of men’s clothes are better stored folded, so think about the ratio of long hanging space to short hanging space. Bridging cupboards over the bed are an ideal way to store bulky items that you don't need that often.