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Sleeping bags, airbeds and mats

After choosing your tent, the next most important thing to consider is sleeping comfort. A sleeping bag is no good if you don’t have insulation from the ground up so use a suitable mat to get the most from your bag.

Sleeping bags



Envelope sleeping bags are rectangular in shape, boasting great space, comfort & warmth.


This style of sleeping bag is shaped with a cowl hood and a taper towards the foot. The mummy shape and cowl hood allow the maximum amount of warmth to be trapped inside the bag.


All of our sleeping bags state which season(s) they are suitable for. If you enjoy camping in the summer months, choose a sleeping bag suitable for summer. However, if you enjoy camping during the different seasons, choose a sleeping bag suitable from spring through to autumn.

  • One season sleeping bags – Summer bags designed for use in warm weather or indoors.
  • Two Season bags – General purpose bags for use from late Spring through into the Summer.
  • Three Season bags – Late Spring through to early Autumn bags for use down to freezing point.


The type of insulation used in our sleeping bags is synthetic, rather than down. Synthetic fibres trap air for added insulation and they still work even if they get wet and can also dry fairly quickly. The gm² (grams per square metre) refers to the density of the insulation filling. All of our sleeping bags state the insulation in gm² so for warmer sleeping bags, look out for a 300 gm² rating.

Additional features

Shoulder baffle – A warmth-saving feature which allows the bag to be closed around the head, neck and shoulders with a draw cord without restricting the face and head.

Anti bite locking zip – A full length, anti bite locking zip will stop your sleeping bag from snagging.

Internal security pocket – With an internal security pocket sewn on the inside, you can keep money or important documents safe with you whilst you sleep.

Compression Sacs – Many sleeping bags come with a compression sac which is fitted with straps to enable you to squash the bag up smaller than it would normally go. Perfect for hiking trips.

Zips – Most sleeping bags come with left and right zip options allowing two (twin) bags to be zipped together. If you are right handed, it is recommended to buy a bag with a zip on the left and vice versa as it is easier to do it up and down across your body.


Airbeds can make you feel right at home and are ideal for caravanning, home use or luxury camping. Available in single and double sizes, air beds need to be blown up so don’t forget to bring your pump!

Airbeds are also fairly heavy so they are more suited to family camping trips, rather than hiking trips.


A foam camping mat provides an extra layer of comfort and is your best option if you don’t want your rucksack to be too heavy.