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Step 1 - Choose your fence panel(s)

Choose the style you want.

Fence panelsFence panelsFence panelsFence panels

Don't forget!
If you choose a dip treated panel you will need Gravel Boards, one for each of your panels.

Fence Posts
Step 2 - Choose your fence post(s)

If you choose a rough sawn fence panel then a rough sawn fence post will complement the panel. If you choose a planed fence panel then an Ultima post will complement the panel.

Step 3 - Choose your fixings

Brackets - Use 'L' or 'U' brackets to fix gravel board & panel to post. You'll need one bracket per post for the gravel
board and three for each side of a 1.8m (6') panel.
Fencefast Concrete In is used to sink fence posts into concrete.
Fencefast Easy-Fit Repair Fast allows the replacement of rotten or broken posts.
Fencefast Easy Fit Fencebase is a support for use on hard surfaces.
Fencefast Easy Fit Spike fixes posts into soil.

  • L Bracket

  • U Bracket

  • Fencebase

  • Fence spike

  • Driving tool

  • Concrete in

  • Repair fast

Fixing into soil or concrete?
You'll need posts 61cm (2') higher than your panel – e.g. an 8' post for a 6' panel.
Either drive a fence spike into the soil or dig a 61cm (2') hole and concrete in.

Fixing onto a hard surface?
You'll need a Fencebase and the same height post and panel.

That you'll need one more fence post than panels e.g. 4 posts for 3 panels

Acorn finial, Ball finial, Post cap
Step 4 - Accessories

Post caps and finials are the finishing touch for your fence.
You will need one per post.

Quick guide for how many panels do I need?

Number of
Panel width
1800mm 1830mm
3 panels 5.4 meters 5.49 meters
4 panels 7.2 meters 7.32 meters
5 panels 9 meters 9.15 meters
6 panels 10.8 meters 10.98 meters

Don't forget to add space for your posts in between the panels