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Fires and surrounds

Fires and surrounds

As well as being a source of warmth, a well chosen fire can become a real feature in a room. Yet with so much choice available, it can be difficult to know which type of fire will suit you and your home, and this is where we can help.

From traditional to ultra-modern contemporary, B&Q offer a wide choice of electric, gas and solid fuel fires and stoves in a range of different colours and styles, as well as a wide selection of surrounds, hearths and finishing touches which will both compliment your fire, and create the mood, atmosphere and look you want.

Choosing the right fire

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a new fire, and at B&Q we provide a wide choice to suit all types of home. For the contemporary look we have a superb range of sleek, ultra modern fires and surrounds. However, if you’re looking for something a little more classic, many of our traditional style fireplaces have been based on period designs.

Once you have chosen the style of fireplace, you will need to establish which fuel option best suits your requirements - gas, electric or solid fuel. If you would like a gas or solid fuel fire, the type of chimney you have in your home will determine which fire is most suitable.

Types of chimney

The type of chimney or flue you have in your home will usually dictate the type of fire you can have.

Brick chimney

Look for:

  • External chimney stack with chimney pot on the roof
  • Internal chimney breast

You can choose from these types of fires:

  • Solid fuel stoves and casts
  • Any gas fire
  • Any electric fire

Pre-fabricated flue

Look for:

  • External metal flue pipe on top of the roof
  • Internal false chimney breast (built around a metal flue box)

You can choose from these types of fires:

  • Multi-flue gas fires
  • Depending on depth of false chimney breast, selected full depth bed gas fires
  • Any electric fire

Pre-cast flue

Look for:

  • Raised ridge tile on the roof
  • Metal flue pipe on the roof
  • No chimney breast (either internally or externally)

You can choose from these types of fires:

  • Multi-flue gas fires
  • Depending on depth of false chimney breast, selected full depth bed gas fires
  • Any electric fire

No chimney or flue

If you don’t have a chimney or a flue you can choose any electric fire, or, if you fancy a gas fire you can choose one of our flueless options..

Flueless fires remove harmful gases via a catalytic converter. This results in a highly efficient fire since no heat is lost through the flue.

Please note that flueless fires are only suitable for certain sized rooms and require adequate ventilation.

Remember to consider...

Another factor you may want to take into consideration when choosing your fire, is how much it will cost to run. To calculate the running cost, please multiply the heat input of the fire by your gas/electricity tariff* (heat input x pence per Kw/hr = running cost).

Types of fire

Our range includes fires that work with different types of fuel; from gas to electric and solid fuel, including wood. Each type of fire offers its own benefits, which can be an important deciding factor.


Create the warmth and reliability of a coal fire with gas. Clean, efficient and bringing instant heat to your home.


Electric fires allow you to bring the warmth of a flame effect to a room with or without heat. A clean and instant alternative.

Solid fuel

Solid fuel, either wood or coal, lets you enjoy the warmth and look of a real fire. Bring ambience and comfort to your home throughout the winter months.

No mains or gas?

Again we have the solution. Selected gas fires are also available in LPG options. Ask in store for details or visit www.diy.com.

* Running cost is calculated as pence per hour on maximum setting. These are likely to vary depending on your energy supplier, so please check with your supplier for current tariffs.