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Hedge trimmers

Hedge trimmers

Choosing your hedge trimmer can be narrowed into three distinct stages, each of which narrows your choice to your perfect fit.

Hedge type

Hedge type helps determine the tooth spacing required of the hedge trimmer. At B&Q we have split our hedge trimmers into 3 types; Small Leaf (e.g. box hedge) branches 8-15mm, Standard Dense (e.g. Laurel) branches 16-22mm and fi nally Heavy Duty Dense (e.g. Leylandii) branches >22mm. The larger the cutting diameter the more versatile the machine.

Size of hedge

Size of hedge can indicate how long a blade you would want. The longer the blade the more hedge you can cut in one sweep, and the faster the job gets done. To offset this, longer blades are heavier to use.

Hedge trim power type

Cordless - Run on rechargeable batteries, they are ideal for smaller hedges or bushes. Entirely portable with no restricting cord. NiCd are the standard batteries with Lithium a versatile upgrade.

Electric - Offer greater power than cordless but tie you to the length of the cord. These come in various sizes from small, light trimmers to larger cut machines. Watch out for the cord!

Petrol - 2-stroke fuelled machines are used for larger hedges. As with all hand held petrol they use a petrol oil mix, without which you would damage your tool.

Hedge trimmer features

  • Laser Cut/ diamond ground – higher quality blades, harder metal, efficient cut.
  • Mechanical/ electrical brake - mechanically applies physical force to stop blade. Electric applies an electrical force, mechanical is slightly better.
  • Asymmetric blade – reduces vibration significantly.

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