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If you do one thing this year to save money at home,
and reduce your carbon footprint, switch to energy
saving light bulbs – they’re great value, they work
and they’ll cut your electricity bills straight away.

Energy saving bulbs produce the same amount of
light as traditional ones and they do it using about 80%
less electricity. In fact, if everyone in the UK replaced just one of their old bulbs with
an energy saving one , the amount of carbon saved would be the same as taking 70,000 cars off the UK’s roads*

Tom Hill, Bioregional, Green Lighting expert

Lighting accounts for a big chunk of the average UK household’s electricity bill so switching to energy efficient lighting makes a big difference. By only using energy saving lights in your house, you can cut your energy wastage and save yourself about £37 a year on your electricity bill†

Energy saving bulbs last up to 10 times longer than traditional ones* which means you’ll end up saving money on bulbs; you’ll spend less
time hunting for spares in the dark and balancing dangerously on your kitchen stool to fit them!

Energy saving bulbs keep your costs low, your house brighter for longer and your carbon footprint down.

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*Energy Saving Trust