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Outdoor lighting

When you go through your home installing energy efficient bulbs, it’s easy to forget outdoor lighting. If you’re committed to a light, bright, energy efficient home then replacing your outdoor lights should definitely be part of your plans.

Here are three great ways to upgrade your outdoor lights in an easy low cost way:

Choose lights with energy saving bulbs already included.

Don’t forget to turn off outside lights when they are not being used. To make it easier use a timer (some lights are supplied with one) or install a light with a motion detector so that it only come one when it is needed.

Be clever with your lighting. Choose lights that can be directed or that are designed to deflect light downwards. Not only will this make the most of the energy you’re using by directing the light to where you need it, it will also help you to enjoy an unspoilt view of a beautiful night sky and help to minimise the orange glow that hangs over many towns and cities.


Choose a torch that uses a lower energy option, like LED bulbs. You’ll get through fewer batteries and spend less time charging.

Ditch disposable batteries altogether and use rechargeable torches or fit rechargeable batteries to your current torch. You’ll cut down on your waste and it’s easier than rummaging around in a draw trying to find the right sized batteries.

Even better, consider renewable energy! It’s now really easy to get your hands on wind-up and solar torches that charge during the day for free.

Christmas lights

Have a festive season full of light without your carbon footprint and energy bills swelling as much as your waist line. Choose LED Christmas lights, which use significantly less electricity than traditional options. They also produce less heat, which makes them a better choice if you have a real Christmas tree.