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Choose the right... Knife / Stapler / Nail gun / Glue gun / Riveter

Choose the right... Knife

fixed blade knife

Fixed blade knives

- heavy use

  • Fixed blade for heavy duty applications.

Ideal for: dry lining, carpet fitting and roofing.

retractable knife

Retractable blade knives

- medium use

  • Blade safely retracts into the handle.

Ideal for: vinyl, plasterboard and general maintenance jobs.

snap off knife

Snap-off knives

- standard use

  • Blades automatically loaded as used blade is rejected
  • Slim nose for visibility of cutting nose

Ideal for: wallpapering and other general applications.

hobby knife

Craft knives

- light use

  • Lightweight and easy to use

Ideal for: light duty craft applications, paper and card.

Choose the right... Stapler

staple gun - heavy duty

Staple gun

- heavy use

  • Fires heavy duty staples
  • Easy squeeze mechanism makes light work of heavier DIY work

Ideal for: fencing, trellis and felting.

staple gun - light duty

Staple gun

- light use

  • Fires light duty staples

Ideal for: DIY and hobby craft applications such as upholstery, blinds, posters and displays.

Choose the right... Nail gun / Glue gun / Riveter

nail gun

Staple / Nail gun

  • Fires staples and brad nails for most fixing applications

Ideal for: insulation, ceiling tiles, carpet underlay and repairs.

glue gun

Glue gun

  • Easy squeeze trigger action for smooth and even adhesive applications

Ideal for: bonding wood, metal, fabric and ceramics.



  • Spring loaded for easier ejection of rivets

Ideal for: heavy duty application of rivets on steel or aluminium.