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Choose the right... Plasterers' trowel

Choose the right... Plasterer' trowel

finishing trowel

Finishing trowel

  • Gives a smooth finish to cement and concrete
  • Popular sizes are 11"/13"/14"

Ideal for: skimming and finishing top coat of plaster on walls and ceilings.

Cement finishing trowel

Cement finishing trowel

  • A thicker, more narrow blade to minimise drag

Ideal for: applying plaster to walls and ceilings, prior to paperhanging of painting.

gauging trowel

Gauging trowel

  • Used to guage small quantities of mortar or quicksetting plaster

Ideal for: finishing small areas of plaster.

Corner Trowel

Internal and external trowels

  • Creates 90 degree angles with a perfect finish

Ideal for: plastering and dry lining.

Tiling/mastic trowel

Tiling/mastic trowel

  • Available with carbon or stainless steel blades
  • Serrations are square U or V shaped

Ideal for: solid bed fixing of most ceramic, marble and natural stone tiles

Grout float

Grout floats

  • Smooth latex rubber face
  • 12" for floor and 9" for wall tiles

Ideal for: fast, even grouting of large areas

Look out for... Stainless steel blades

  • High quality blade, resistant to rust
  • Give a high quality finish, retain a better edge and last longer

Look out for... Carbon steel blades

  • Robust general purpose blades, subject to rust over time