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Quick Step flooring

14 years ago, Quick Step® pioneered revolutionary installation technique Uniclic®. Since then, Quick Step® is constantly reinventing floors. Designs are continually being developed and perfected, with the technology becoming more and more innovative. Your floor is an essential part of your interior because it determines the mood and atmosphere of your room! Quick Step® floors have been designed to reflect the latest trends while providing unrivalled quality and beauty.


Floors with a light oak, beech or maple design can make a dark room feel sunnier and give it a more peaceful atmosphere.


Floors with a brown tint make a connection with the earth and nature, it forms an excellent backdrop for rustic funiture and bright strong colours.


Floors with a grey tint are a perfect match with trendy colours and warm tones. It also provides a contemporary look to authentic furniture.

A groovy groove!

Laminate floors can have different types of grooves. Each groove has a different effect on the room.

Boards with a V-groove(Andante) on the long side make the room seem deeper.

For those who like a slightly more streamlined interior, they can choose boards without any V-groove (Calando).

With the patented Uniclic® system, it’s simple to install a Quick•Step® floor. You lay your floor in a 'click'

Is Quick•Step® laminate easy to install?

Yes, it is. You can install your floor in no time thanks to Uniclic®. You simply 'click' your floor together. It's simple and very easy.

Does it take a long time?

No. It's much faster than other systems.

How does it work?

Uniclic® is one system, but there are 2 methods to lay it. Both are very useful.

Fortunately a Quick Step® laminate floor can be lived on fully!

You choose: roaming children, pets, parties: it's no problem. Quick Step® laminate is the only one with a 'Scratch Guard' label.

Calando midnight oak effect natural
Price per sq.m: £16.98
Price per pack: £27.10

Calando walnut effect
Price per sq.m: £16.98
Price per pack: £27.10

Calando old oak effect light grey
Price per sq.m: £16.98
Price per pack: £27.10

Calando old oak Andante Natural Oak Effect
Price per sq.m: £19.96
Price per pack: £34.40

Andante dark oak effect
Price per sq.m: £19.96
Price per pack: £34.40