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Wall-to-wall sliding doors


Wall-to-wall sliding doors

If you like the clean and sleek design of wall-to-wall wardrobes, our stylish range of sliding doors and accessories are the perfect choice. They are available in a wide selection of styles and finishes from contemporary glass panelled options to traditional shaker designs.

Five easy steps to wall-to-wall sliding doors

Wall-to-wall sliding doors are elegant, practical and easy to install. Choosing what you need is easy, just follow these five simple steps.



There is no mistaking contemporary styling. The lacquered glass centre panel on the doors below are framed with a silver metalic effect trim for an ultra-modern feel.



Mirrored doors not only make your room appear bigger, they also help reflect the light. They are available framed in a range of finishes including wood effects to match our modular furniture ranges so you can mix and match.



These traditional shaker style doors are extremely versatile. They are colour matched to our modular shaker range so you can have a mix of hinged and sliding wardrobes plus colour coordinating chests to cater for all your storage needs.

Measure your internal wardrobe space.

Internal wardrobe space

Measure your ceiling height at three points
along the length of the ceiling
(Minimum ceiling height 2260mm)

Next measure the width of the opening.

All doors in our wall-to-wall range fit an
opening height of 2260mm (89"). Doors
are available in two (762mm or 914mm)
or three widths (610mm, 762mm or 914mm)
depending on finish.

Picking the right internal fittings and accessories is the key to maximising the storage capacity of your wardrobes. We offer two options - standard accessories which can be permanently fixed and aura accessories which are modular and can be added to or moved around as your storage needs change.

Aura accessories

Aura accessories
  • A. Telescopic post
    Silver effect H2110 - 2700mm 0026457940171
  • B. 550mm shelf
    Beech effect H25 x W550 x D500mm 0026457941611
    Oak effect H25 x W550 x D500mm 0026457940263
  • C. 900mm large shelf
    Beech effect H25 x W900 x D500mm 0026457941628
    Oak effect H25 x W900 x D500mm 0026457940270
  • D. Telescopic hanger bar
    Silver effect W700 - 1300mm 0026457940294
  • E. Fixed hanger bar
    Silver effect W550mm 0026457940300
  • F. Trouser rack
    Silver effect W900mm 0026457940324
  • G. Shoe rack
    Silver effect W900mm 0026457940317
  • H. Shelf brackets pack of 2
    Silver effect 0026457940287
  • I. Drawer brackets pack of 2
    Silver effect 0026457940225
  • J. 550mm drawer
    Beech effect H350 x W550 x D500mm 0026457941635
    Oak effect H350 x W550 x D500mm 0026457940201
  • K. 900mm drawer
    Beech effect H350 x W900 x D500mm 0026457941642
    Oak effect H350 x W900 x D500mm 0026457940218
  • L. Castors pack of 2
    Grey 0026457940232
  • M. Sliding shoe rack
    Silver effect H485 x W280 x D485mm 0026457941550
  • N. Sliding basket rack
    Silver effect H985 x W280 x D460mm 0026457941543
  • O. Pull-down hanger rail
    Silver effect W830 - 1150mm 0026457941536
  • P. Matrix storage
    Beech effect H525 x W525mm 0026457941567
  • Q. Sliding tie rack
    Silver effect 0026457941512
  • R. Sliding tie and scarf rack
    Silver effect 0026457941529

Standard accessories

Offered in a choice of white and beech effect finishes our standard internal storage system includes three hanging bars and one shelving unit as shown left (1). This will fit any opening up to 2825mm wide. You can add shelving units to create a storage layout that works for you (2). The shelving units are also designed to take drawer packs. Available in packs of two drawers, each unit can accommodate a maximum of four drawers. All of our standard accessories are available to take away from store.

Standard accessories

1. Standard interior units
(one unit will fit any opening up to 2825mm,
two units will fit any opening from 2235mm)

H2032 x W381 x D365mm
Beech effect 3585399
White 3585382

2. Standard interior drawer
pack (you can install 2 or 4
drawers per unit)

(2 drawers)
H157 x W340 x D335mm
Beech effect 3585375
White 3585368

All doors in the wall-to-wall range are H2220mm and fit an opening height of 2260mm (89"). They are available in 3 widths; 610mm, 762mm and 914mm. The number of doors needed will depend on your opening width.

Opening width Number of doors required Track set
1193mm (47") 2 x 610mm (24") doors 1803mm (71")
1498mm (59") 2 x 762mm (30") doors 1803mm (71")
1778mm (70") 3 x 610mm (24") doors 1803mm (71")
1803mm (71") 2 x 914mm (36") doors 1803mm (71")
2235mm (88") 3 x 762mm (30") doors 2692mm (106")
2387mm (94") 4 x 610mm (24") doors 2692mm (106")
2692mm (106") 3 x 914mm (36") doors 2692mm (106")
2946mm (116") 5 x 610mm (24") doors 3607mm (142")
2997mm (118") 4 x 762mm (30") doors 3607mm (142")
3556mm (140") 6 x 610mm (24") doors 3607mm (142")
3607mm (142") 4 x 914mm (36") doors 3607mm (142")

NB. If using a 900mm drawer for your interiors, your door size must be wider than this to allow the drawer to be opened. This also applies to the Telescopic Pull Down Hanger Bar.

Your sliding doors will come with detailed instructions on how to install.



Tracksets are available in silver and white. The length required depends on the opening width of your space. Please note: Tracks will need to be cut to size.

L1193 - 1803mm White 3115022
Silver 3585405

L1804 - 2692mm White 3115039
Silver 3585412

L2693 - 3607mm White 3115046
Silver 3585429

Fascia strips

A roll of self adhesive colour matched tape that fastens directly to the front edge (fascia) of the top track.

Beech Style 3578667

Maple Style 3578636

Ferrara Oak Style 3578698

Walnut Style 3578728

White 3578605

what if...

...my ceiling is too high?

All sliding doors fit a ceiling height of 2260mm as standard but if you need to reduce the gap between your ceiling and the top of the door, don’t worry as there are a number of options.

1. Opening height reducer

This neat accessory enables the gap between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling to be bridged by as much as 460mm. It adjusts from a minimum of 130mm, allowing doors to fit opening heights of 2720mm.

2. Spacer blocks

Another way of bridging the gap is to use spacer blocks - if the ceiling height is between 2272 and 2399mm (891/2 and 941/2 inches) then these blocks can be used to bring the height down to the 2260mm required.

...I'm not able to fit wall-to-wall

If you can’t fit sliding doors into an enclosed area then you will need to create a false end, which can be purchased in store - please ask for details.

3. Fixing blocks

Fixing blocks can be used to help you create a false end using plasterboard, mdf or a colour matched décor panel.

Fixing blocks

1. Opening height reducer
Pack 1 3585337

2. Spacer blocks
Block 12 which can be used to fill a space from 15mm to 114mm 3585344

3. Fixing blocks
Pack 10 3585351