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How to plant bedding plants


Planting out bedding is as near as you can get to instant gardening. Easy to grow, bright and cheerful for most of the year, bedding plants will transform your garden into a glorious colourful display, whatever its size or style. This short video shows the fundamentals for how to do basic planting. For inspiration on planting in colour, use our colour wheel. The downloadable shopping basket will ensure you have all the correct tools for the job.

And make sure you look at our health and safety advice to ensure you complete your project safely as well as effectively.

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For what to plant and when, view our planting calendar.

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Tools and materials

Download your shopping basket & take to store where one of our friendly experts will be happy to ensure you have all the correct tools and materials for the job.

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Nature's colours add a wonderful decorative quality to a garden. They can be used to complement a design or create mood; they can also affect our sense of distance and perspective. The way to succeed is to keep it simple. Whether you decide to go for hot brights or cool pastels, vibrant contrasts or calm harmonies, stick to a restricted palette for the best results.

Bedding plants

1 Bring light to shady spots and tone down areas that take the full glare of the sun. Plant yellow flowers to brighten up a shady place, almost as if you were bringing the sunshine to the shade. Blue can also brighten up a dark corner, in the sun they often look bleached, but in dappled shade they become almost luminous.

Bedding plants

2 Colour can have a marked impact on our perception of distance. Hot colours – red, yellow and orange – push forwards, seeming closer than they are. Cool pastel colours and whites appear to be further away, elongating a view. This is an important consideration, especially for smaller gardens.

Use the colour wheel for planting

Colour wheel

Imagine a rainbow pulled into a circle - that's the colour wheel. For a harmonious border choose adjacent colours. For a dramatic contrast choose colours opposite each other such as purple and yellow. Don't forget that, whatever colours you choose, green will always be part of the scheme.

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Hanging baskets

Hanging basket

Hanging baskets will brighten any outdoor space, you can use all sorts of plants, so it's easy to create interesting and colourful displays. They come in many styles. Traditional plastic-coated wire will need to be lined, as will wicker. Solid-sided baskets in terracotta, ceramic or even polished steel have built in water reservoirs and are idea for hot, exposed conditions. Use our useful guides on how to plant, hang and care for your basket.

How to guides

For what to plant and when, view our planting calendar.

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