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Let's get gardening with Alan Titchmarsh. Jobs for Autumn.

In September keep on top of watering, deadheading, cutting back and general tidying in your garden. Remember the middle of September is the absolute latest you can plant Hyacinth bulbs to ensure they are in flower on 25th December.

  • Cut out faded flower stems of perennial plants to keep borders tidy
  • Get the compost going - autumn generates a lot of waste
  • Replace summer bedding with plants for winter and spring and keep them water
  • Plant spring bulbs, but store tulips and Hyacinths until October
  • Sow overwintering onions as well as quick crops, such as baby spinach, for salad leaves
  • Leave tomatoes on the plants until the weather turns, then bring them indoors to ripen
  • Harvest marrows, French and runner beans, lettuce, rocket, spring onions, Chinese leaves, oriental radishes, autumn cauliflower, cabbages, pencil leeks, maincrop potatoes, onions, shallots and globe artichokes
  • Pot up herbs – chives, mint, basil, coriander and parsley
  • Once the dry weather comes to an end, scarify and spike the lawn, apply autumn lawn feed and add top dressing if you garden on clay, chalk or sandy soils
  • Make new lawns from seed around the middle of the month (lay turf through to November)

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