Alan Titchmarsh | B&Q
Let's get gardening with Alan Titchmarsh. Jobs for Summer.

This month, gardens are a vibrant paintbox of summer flowers, containers and hanging baskets which are blooming and in full swing.

  • Prepare the garden if you are going away in the summer - water well, set up an automatic watering system, pick fruit and vegetables and feed greenhouse plants
  • Water, feed and deadhead container plants regularly
  • Keep on top of ventilating, watering and feeding
  • Water and feed greenhouse plants more often now the weather is hotter and the container is filling with roots
  • Ponds - provide more oxygen if necessary by adding oxygenating plants or running a fountain
  • Ponds - Top up the pond if the water level drops
  • Water, feed & deadhead container plants regularly
  • Deadhead bedding plants and roses, and cut out flowered stems of perennials such as Lupins
  • Clip privet and other fast-growing hedges such as evergreen honeysuckle
  • Tidy strawberry beds and grow spare strawberry plants from runners
  • Harvest raspberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries
  • Thin out fruit
  • Sow maincrop carrots, early peas, spring cabbage, turnips, lettuce, radishes, chicory, oriental leaves, winter radishes and spring cabbages
  • Keep vegetables well watered in dry spells
  • Harvest vegetables as soon as they are ready, although root crops can stay in the ground
  • Cut and dry or freeze herbs
  • 'Stop' outdoor tomatoes - nip out the very tops of the plants, to encourage the fruit to ripen - if you're in Southern England, leave it until mid-August
  • Pick summer greenhouse crops regularly
  • Raise the cutting height of the lawn mower blades during hot, dry spells when the grass is under stress to keep it green without watering
  • Avoid watering the lawn, except a new lawn in prolonged dry spells

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