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Save energy

Energy prices are soaring so an energy efficient home is more important than ever.

7 Simple tips to save energy in your home

All about energy

  • What is climate change? Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It traps heat in our atmosphere, keeping the planet warm. As levels of CO2 build up, the atmosphere traps more and more heat leading to increases in average global temperature. This results in unpredictable and extreme changes to our climate.
  • What are carbon emissions? Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are released when we burn fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal. In the regular carbon cycle CO2 is re-absorbed by plants and trees. But because we are burning so many fossil fuels, the regular cycle can't cope and CO2 levels are building up.
  • What is renewable energy? Renewable energy is made from the sun, wind and tides. Technologies like solar panels, wind and water turbines turn natural forces into energy for us. They can be small enough to put on your roof or in your garden, turning your property into a mini-power station.
  • How you can make a difference? Carbon is the problem, so cutting carbon is the solution! By saving energy in your home with insulation, lower heating and energy saving light bulbs, you can cut the amount of carbon your lifestyle is responsible for.

    What B&Q are doing about energy

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