Garden furniture buying guide

Garden furniture comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and prices. Get the most out of your garden by choosing the furniture that's right for your needs and space.

With many different types of outdoor furniture in a variety of colours, styles & materials there are many things to consider before your purchase, let us help you get the best for your money and space!

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Things to think about


How will you be using your outdoor area? For reading, eating, entertaining… this determines what items you'll need.


This can help to determine the material of your furniture, plastics will need less maintenance, are cheaper and more durable.


If you have limited space then consider whether you want stackable or folding furniture and if it's key for you to be able to store indoors / outdoors. Our bistro sets are ideal for small spaces such as balconies and patios. We also sell a range of furniture covers that mean you can store your furniture outdoors if you don't have space indoors.


Once you have determined the garden furniture you need think about how this blends in with the current style of your home and garden.


Our furniture sets are all designed to be the right height, size and shape for comfort and ease of use.

Determine the most suitable material for your garden furniture at a glance

  Durability Weight Look Colour options Treatment Protective cover Annual maintenance
Wooden Long-lasting
Low maintenance
Heavy Authentic Generally brown Teak oils, stain Yes Advised
Metal aluminium Long-lasting
Low maintenance
Can be more easily bent or dented
no mould or rust
Contemporary Wider range None Advised None
Metal iron Long-lasting
Low maintenance
Heavy Traditional Heritage Limited Anti-rust solutions,
paints and laquer
Advised Yes
Rattan Flexible
Low maintenance
Lightweight Traditional to contemporary Generally brown None Should be put away for winter None
Plastic (resin) Long-lasting
Low maintenance
Lightweight Traditional to contemporary Generally green or white None Advised None

Benefits of wooden furniture

  • Requires little attention, we recommend wood is treated to increase the longevity
  • Increased durability:
    • - Hardwoods have increased durability; teak contains resinous oil that prevents water penetrating the wood so it retains its beauty for years
    • - Softwood is cost effective and functional. Wood is comfortable to the touch as it doesn't get as hot as other materials. Use Ronseal® oils and stains to protect it from UV rays, which can grey it, and water, which can split it
  • Made to endure all types of weather
  • Requires a protective furniture cover
  • Please note, all wooden furniture available from B&Q comes from responsibly managed sources
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Caring for your wooden furniture

Top tips

If treating it with products like teak oil, make sure you apply when the wood is completely dry otherwise it will react and turn the wood black.

Stain versus oil; oil will give a more natural finish soaking into the wood however they do need more maintenance. Stains have a more opaque finish with a greater depth of colour and giving longer lasting protection.

Note: teak and cedar are the more durable / weather resistant. Unfinished teak will weather to a silver grey, so if you want to retain teaks rich golden-brown colour you will need to treat it annually.

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Benefits of metal furniture

  • Long lasting and low maintenance
  • Able to endure all weather types
  • Requires a protective cover
  • Aluminium furniture

    This type of furniture is becoming increasingly popular & there are now many contemporary styles and colours to choose from. Its easy to care for and lightweight making it a popular choice for both small & large spaces. Our aluminium furniture is powder coated to make it weatherproof, tough, and scratch resistant, and therefore not subject to mould or rust. One drawback is that it can be more easily bent or dented. Add cushions for increased comfort.

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  • Multicolour metal furniture

    Big bold colours are key this year! This type of furniture tends to be lightweight & either folding or stackable. Mix & match to suit your space & tastes.

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  • Stainless steel furniture

    Able to withstand the elements, stainless steel is resistant to intense sunlight as well as rain and will not rust like other metals therefore will last for a lifetime with minimal care.

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Caring for your metal furniture

Top tips

Wipe with a damp cloth to keep furniture looking its best, but never use abrasive cleaners or pressure washers as these will damage the furniture.

Wrought iron furniture should be treated with anti-rust solutions. Or purchase aluminium furniture as this does not rust.

Our range of metal paints include 'straight to rust' products

Benefits of rattan furniture

  • Durable, flexible, lightweight and easy to move
  • Can withstand various climates and is completely waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Our rattan furniture is made from rattan-effect woven plastic making it durable and weatherproof, but still ensuring it looks like a traditional natural product
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Caring for your rattan furniture

Top tips

Should be kept in the shade to help prevent the colour fading.

Needs to be put away for the winter.

Place rubber stoppers on the feet of the furniture to stop the rattan from splitting.

Wipe with a damp cloth to keep it looking as new, but never use abrasive cleaners or pressure washers, as these can cause damage.

Benefits of plastic furniture

  • Long lasting, durable and low maintenance
  • Requires a protective cover
  • Lightweight and easily cleaned
  • Generally stackable for easy storage
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Offers a very flexible budget option

Available in-store only:

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Caring for your plastic furniture

Top tips

If you've got a leaf blower this can be used to blow off leaves and dirt.

Spray with a high pressure hose or pressure washer to remove stubborn grime.

Be wary of strong sunlight; plastic that warms up and cools down a number of times tends to crack.

Covers and cushions

Protect your garden furniture from the elements with one of B&Q's furniture covers, available in many shapes and sizes to fit your furniture set. Some of our ranges come complete with bespoke covers.

  • Furniture covers

    Protect your garden furniture from the elements with one of B&Q's furniture covers, available in many shapes and sizes to fit your furniture set. Some of our ranges come complete with bespoke covers.

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  • Garden cushions

    We have a wide range of cushions designed to mix and match with our furniture ranges. A number of styles, suitable for different chair types and sun loungers, are available in a selection of colours designed to compliment our furniture ranges. Also, a number of our products come with cushions - these are also suitable for indoor use, and have washable covers for convenience.

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