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This buying guide provides some top tips on finding the perfect garden structure for you and your outdoor space.

Whether it's a shed for storage, a log cabin to create extra space without all the building work or a playhouse to excite the imagination of children, large and small; we have the building for you!

In the modern world, people increasingly view their garden as an extension of their home, whether to relax in, entertain in, or simply enjoy the view, the right garden building can add that special touch.

Here you will find all the information you need to make that purchase, from measurements to garden building aftercare.

Size & position

Size is an important consideration when choosing a structure for your garden. What do you plan to use it for, where it will be positioned, how much of your garden you are willing to loose?

Things to think about

  • Be mindful not to place your structure under large trees as you may have problems with dropping branches or large roots
  • If you require electricity think about getting power to it to allow you to use power tools or lighting
  • It's best to have some shade if possible as your garden building will tend to get very hot inside during the height of summer
  • Keep in mind the position of the sun. A greenhouse or summerhouse potentially can be located directly in its path; however you'll need a workshop or shed to be cooler if you're planning on working in them, so choose a more sheltered position for this
  • If you'll be working with plants consider the water-supply
  • It's a good idea to locate your building next to a path as it can get very muddy and damp in the winter
  • Try to position the building a minimum of 12" away from walls and fences to allow it to be installed correctly and to allow you to get things in and out
Building the base

It's is essential to provide a firm, level and square base; without which, your building will become unstable and will deteriorate rapidly. These are dependant on capability so do asses your requirements then maybe engage the help of a builder.

Please note if you are constructing the base for a building over 12' x 8', a garage, a sectional building, a corner unit, a gazebo, or a building with no floor, a purpose-built concrete base is recommended.

Concrete base

A concrete base is the strongest and most durable form of foundation, typically four inches thick (100 mm). It has many advantages such as no need to build a separate shed floor, its easily cleaned & there is no danger of the floor rotting. This really is a job for a competent DIYer, or a professional builder as it requires excavating, formwork, mixing concrete and placing and finishing this.

  • Play Play how to lay a patio

    Paving slabs

    The most common form of base; simple & effective. See our how to guide on laying slabs or visit our YouTube channel to watch a comprehensive short film.

    Read how to lay a patio guide.

  • Treated timber bearers

    These are a cost effective simple solution base for you outdoor building & can provide a more pliable fitting to enable you to move the location of your structure.

    Fitting your bearers is relatively simple; clear any vegetation then use pegs and string to mark out an area for your base. Excavate the marked out ground to around 2" (50mm) deep. After removing the pegs and string lay approximately 1.5" (40mm) gravel or soil. Level with a rake and a spirit level.

    Lay your bearers across the gravel/soil in equally spaced intervals of approx 400-600mm ensuring that they're level with one another by using a spirit level.


To maintain the quality and appearance of your building its best to treat with a durable wood stain [where applicable] and then at regular six month periods for the lifetime of your structure. We sell a wide range in a variety of colours.

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  • Play How to felt a shed roof

    Don't forget to regularly oil any moving parts such as locks & hinges. If you've a shed with a felt roof check the condition as once water gets in you'll possibly need to replace the whole structure.

Carefully consider space, budget, shelter & water & electricity supplies & position your greenhouse with good foundations for the best results.

From plants to vegetables, there are hours of fun and satisfaction to be had planting and growing. At B&Q we offer a wide range of greenhouses suitable for even the smallest garden. From our two tier mini grow-houses to our double door greenhouses, we have something to meet your gardening needs.

Don't forget to check out our information on size, position & maintenance before you buy.

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Choosing the right shape of greenhouse will help to make the most of your space as well as provide the right growing environment.

  • Lean-to greenhouses

    Ideal for small spaces, such as patios and balconies. Locate against a sunny wall for a space saving option that offers enough height to grow popular crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

  • Traditional or 'apex' roofed greenhouses

    Offer plenty of standing room in the centre for working in your greenhouses. Many models include integral gutters to collect rainwater from the slanted roof sides – why not install a water butt outside your greenhouse to have a helpful supply of water for your plants?

  • Curved eave greenhouses

    Provide a little more space around the edges. These are a great choice if you plan to spend lots of time working in your greenhouse, or intend to grow larger or taller crops.

How many doors?

The majority of greenhouses come with either a single or double door at the entrance. Single door options are great where space is limited, or where you wish to maximise growing space in the greenhouse. Double doors are a more accessible option, and are worth considering if you wish to be able to take a wheelbarrow or garden trolley inside. Don't forget, opening the doors to your greenhouse are one of the best ways to ventilate greenhouse your on a hot day to stop plants from overheating and dehydrating. Double doors will give you more options to control in the internal temperature of your greenhouse.


There are wide ranges of greenhouse glazing options available. Glass is a more traditional choice, and B&Q offers both horticultural glass as well as stronger toughened glass greenhouses. Polycarbonate has different properties to glass, and tends to be more cost effective.

Advantages of glass glazing

  • Greater weight ratio than polycarbonate, providing a stronger structure
  • Allows more light into the greenhouse
  • Replacement glass panes are readily available
  • Traditional greenhouse look

Advantages of Polycarbonate glazing

  • Retains heat during winter, and helps to keep the greenhouse cool in summer
  • Diffuses sunlight to minimise risk of scorching
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Glazing panels are lighter weight, so easier to transport
  • Accessories

    All our greenhouses are a great starting point for growing your own fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants, but with a few accessories you can be well on your way to producing healthier, stronger and more productive crops.

  • Greenhouse staging and shelving

    Make the most of space within your greenhouse using wooden or metal staging to provide a work surface. Ideal for potting and keeping delicate plants off the ground in colder weather.

  • Auto-vents

    Keeping your greenhouse at the right temperature is important – although you want your plants to be warm, hot weather can dehydrate and scorch leaves, causing damage. An auto-vent opens greenhouse windows automatically when the temperature rises, and closes them again when it cools.

  • Greenhouses heaters

    Lengthen the growing season of your plants, or keep delicate species safe over the winter with a greenhouse heater. Use to raise the temperature inside during the cooler months to maintain a temperate growing climate.


Installing a greenhouse can be hard work, but a satisfying task that will give you years of use. We offer a range of home delivered greenhouses available with installation, as well as offer an installation service for some. So if you'd rather someone else do the hard work, we can help.

If you'd rather DIY, B&Q can provide all the tools for the job - plus we also stock Snap & Grow greenhouses designed for quick installation.

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Hints and tips for building your greenhouse

  • Select a site not under trees
  • Site should be firm and level
  • Allow one weekend to build
  • Check all parts before installing
  • Install one section at a time
  • NB base must be square and level to ensure glazing fits into frame
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How to guides

Tools & materials

Determine your use and storage needs before choosing your shed. Careful planning is a must, then pottering in your shed will be a true pleasure.

When choosing your shed there are a number of things to consider; the style and type of material. In general there are two types of shed, Apex and Pent. Apex sheds come to a point in the middle & Pent roof sheds have a roof that slopes from high on one side to low on the other.

At B&Q we sell sheds in a range of materials, each with their own benefits. Choose from traditional timber, robust metal or low maintenance resin, ranging from small patio storage to the largest workshop.

Don't forget to check out our information on size, position and maintenance before you buy.

Choose your roof style

  • Apex
  • Pent
  • Corner

Choose your cladding style

  • Ship lap
  • Over lap
  • Wooden

    A natural material that blends in with its surroundings as it ages, only wood can give you that old world charm. However, another advantage of using wood is that it can be stained or painted to create a prominent feature or transformed with a change of colour on your shed.

    Sizes available: 10x10, 10x7, 6x4, 7x7, 8x6

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  • Metal

    Metals sheds are resistant to weather extremes; they don't suffer from swelling or warping, or splitting due to frost. They are also impervious to insects & pests & are resistant to fire. Mostly made from galvanised steel with a paint or plastic coating, some are sold with timber floors.

    Sizes available: 10x8, 4x2, 6x4, 6x5, 8x4

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  • Plastic

    The main advantage of plastic sheds is that they are a low maintenance option, no painting or treating required. They are also robust: resistant to knocks and scrapes, and in the main are easy to assemble.

    Sizes available: 6x4, 6x5, 8x6

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How to guides

Tools & materials

The size of your summerhouse or cabin will depend on the space you have and what you want to use it for. Choose a spot where there is some shade, but avoid overhanging trees if you can. Consider if you need electricity and make sure it's high enough for you to stand comfortably inside.

Don't forget to check out our information on size, position & maintenance before you buy.

  • Cabins

    Ideal as an extra entertaining area, our range of log cabins, is wide ranging in both quantity and size, available in basic designs through to multi-roomed log buildings. All the cabins in our range are made from high-grade Scandinavian wood, feature a wind block system for a tight wind proof seal and have sturdy tongue and groove wall boarding.

    Wall thicknesses vary from 19mm to 45mm depending on the style of cabin. All have felt roofs offering great weather resistance and have traditional clad ceilings and tongue and groove floors or quality pre-cut solid sheet depending on the style of building. All are supplied with pre-glazed doors and windows, in either, styrene glazing or toughened safety glass depending on the style.

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  • Summerhouses

    For summer entertaining or simple relaxation in the garden, summerhouses can be a versatile and beautiful addition to your garden, doubling-up as additional winter storage space if needed. Available in different shapes, sizes, designs and specifications, you're sure to find one to suit.

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How to guides

Tools & materials

Choose a well built, attractive design that suits the surroundings. Ensure that it's weatherproof and well insulated, and has heating and lighting.

Don't forget to check out our information on size, position & maintenance before you buy.

  • Workshops

    Looking for the perfect work life balance? With advances in technology, working from home has become a modern reality. Create a peaceful haven where you can work during the daytime, without noise and distraction. A garden room or workshop offers a perfect solution to your home working needs without precious space being taken up in the house.

    But working from home is not the only reason for choosing a garden room. You can choose from a wide range of rooms for a wide range of uses: whether you want a gym, a teenager's hideaway, a music room or simply a quite space in a busy world, B&Q has the room for you. Some include on-site assembly, come with insulation and are pre-wired for electrics. Also see our information on choosing a cabin as this may suit your needs.

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How to guides

Tools & materials

The garden's a great place for children to keep active and have fun at the same time. Our garden playhouses can help them do just that, whatever the weather.

Don't forget to check out our information on size, position & maintenance before you buy.

  • Playhouses

    Let their imagination run wild! Boys and girls alike will love our range of playhouses, from ones suitable for very small children through to ones even teenagers will appreciate. So plastic or wooden, large or small, rest assured all have been designed with children's safety and enjoyment in mind.

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How to guides

Tools & materials

Make your garden that bit homelier with an arch, arbour or pergola.

A fabulous feature! For one of the simplest ways to add a highly decorative feature to your garden, choose one of our fabulous arbours, arches or pergolas. Not only do they look good but some also provide shade from the heat and shelter from the more traditional British weather!

Don't forget to check out our information on size, position and maintenance before you buy.

  • Arches

    Arches offer a focal point to any garden and can be used to join two 'rooms' of your garden together.

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  • Arbours

    Create a shady place to sit by adding an arbour. Differing from pergolas they tend to have only one open side.

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  • Pergolas

    Create an authentic ambience with this wooden or vinyl framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants. Consisting of side pillars and horizontal beams and. available in a variety of sizes, extend your outdoors & create a garden to be proud of!

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Tools & materials