A buyers guide to Real Trees

As you would expect, B&Q have a great selection of real Christmas trees and wreaths available in-store from mid November. Check the location of your nearest B&Q store. If you prefer the convenience of an artificial tree, we have those too.

If you’ve never had a real Christmas tree before, our experts are on hand to share their tops tips and advice to make buying and caring for your Christmas tree really simple, and really spectacular. So, before you head to your nearest B&Q store, take a look at our helpful guide.

Christmas wrapped up!

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Types of tree

If you don’t know your Nobel Fir from your Blue Spruce, then look no further. Here’s a handy guide to help you choose the right tree for you.

  • 1. Noble Fir – Perfect for families with children and pets

    Available sizes - Potted: (50-70cm), (80-100cm), (120-150cm). Cut: (100-150cm), (150-200cm), (200-240cm), (240-270cm)

    • The Noble Fir has thick needles in a deep green in colour and has a wonderful branch shape.
    • Its branches are sturdy with good spacing in between.
    • Its needles are not too sharp, making decoration painless!
    • The Nobel Fir has excellent needle retention properties and a beautiful fragrance.
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  • 2. Norway Spruce – Perfect for outdoors

    Available sizes - Potted: (80-100cm). Cut: (100-150cm), (150-200cm), (200-240cm)

    • The Norway is a beautiful tree with a traditional shape.
    • It doesn’t always hold its needles well, so must be watered properly.
    • The Norway Spruce makes a wonderful outside display tree.
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  • 3. Serbian Spruce – A unique two-tone appearance

    Available sizes - Potted: (50-70cm), (80-100cm). Cut: (150-200cm)

    • This tree is best known for its two-tone foliage colour.
    • Whilst the needles are green on the upper surface, they are blue underneath. This gives the tree an attractive and unique appearance.
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  • 4. Blue Spruce – Distinctive blue colour

    Available sizes - Cut: (150-200cm)

    • This is a low-drop tree with a distinctive silver-blue colour, and a fragrance reminiscent of Christmas.
    • The Blue Spruce has a nice pyramid shape with strong limbs that can hold heavy ornaments.
    • Sharp, spiky needles means it’s not always suitable for children and pets.
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  • 5. Nordman Fir – A family favourite

    Available sizes - Potted: (80-100cm)

    • A Nordman Fir is the original low-drop tree.
    • It has good needle retaining properties and soft, wide, flat, dark green needles.
    • The tree has a wide conical shape with good dense branches.
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  • Fraser Fir – Perfect for large, heavy decorations

    Available sizes - Potted: (80-100cm)/p>

    • This tree has attractive silvery-green needles which are soft to the touch.
    • The Fraser Fir is a favourite as it’s easier to decorate than most trees with plenty of space between the branches.
    • Its firm branches can hold heavier decorations.
    • These trees grow to almost perfect shapes, and as long as it’s properly watered, has excellent needle retention.
    • The Frasier Fir has a wonderful fresh, citrus fragrance.
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Preparation tips

Pop to B&Q, then set the tree up in your living room. It can be that simple! But there are a few things you might want to consider in order to get the perfect tree home in one piece, and lasting you through to the New Year.

  • Does it measure up?

    We’d all like a huge real tree to gather round this Christmas, but unless you’re very lucky, space may be limited. It’s important to remember that:

    • Measure how much space from the celling you want to keep clear, this way you can find your perfect size tree that won’t overshadow your space
    • Placing your tree in a stand can add extra height so always pick a tree a few inches shorter to account for this
    • Every tree needs a star attraction; remember tree toppers need some space too! Bare this in mind when shopping for your perfect tree this year
  • Squeezing it in the car

    Once you’ve made the decision to get a real Christmas tree you just want to go out and get it. But think about how much space you have in your car, is that 12 foot Norwegian Spruce really going to fit in there?!

  • Preparation is key

    So, you've made your choice and got your beautiful real Christmas tree back home... now what?

    • If you’re not going to put your tree up straight away, store it in a cool and dry place away from wind and sunlight.
    • Then, before you bring it inside, bang the bottom of the tree to remove any dead needles and creepy crawlies.
    • When choosing where to position your tree, pick a spot away from any radiators or fires, as it will dry out and cause needle drop and drooping branches.
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Add the magic

There are no rules for decorating your Christmas tree – the beauty is, anything goes! The decorations you choose should reflect your style and taste. So, whether you’re stylish and minimal, or prefer your tree to be brimming with beautiful trinkets, our tip is to be creative and have fun!

Your real Christmas tree will take pride of place in your home for the most special time of the year. And you’ll miss it when it’s gone! So decorate your tree your way, and enjoy every minute of it.

Here’s a few top tips to get you started...

  • Choose a real Christmas tree with full green foliage
  • Once you've positioned your tree in its spot, stand back and take a look at its shape. You can use secateurs to remove any branches that are sticking out. Cut them at an angle to disguise the cuts.
  • Check your Christmas lights are working and make sure you are happy with their position before hanging any decorations. Tuck your Christmas light cables out of the way – you could always use garden wire to do this and make sure they are out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Once the lights are in place, layer up with beads, tinsel and other tree decorations.
  • Hang your fragile and precious decorations at the top of the tree – away from passing pets and curious children!

Christmas styles

B&Q have a gorgeous collection of Christmas decorations to choose from, each with a distinctive style. Take a look at our brand new collection now.

Caring for your tree

Trees are pretty simple to care for. But there are a few tips you might like to know in order to get the best from it.

  • Remember, if your tree isn’t going up straight away, store it in a cool and dry place away from wind and sunlight. Stand it in a pot of water to prevent dehydration.
  • As soon as you have your tree home, take a saw and cut about 1 inch from the base of your cut tree. By doing this you will have broken the natural seal on the base of the trunk and the tree will be able to take up as much water as it needs.
  • The key to a healthy tree is moisture. Keep your tree in water and feed it a minimum of a pint a day. Add a little sugar to its water every day – it will keep it fresher for longer.

Pot grown trees

Pot grown trees are a little different. They are quite simply living trees which have been grown in the ground, lifted and potted. They’re normally chosen for the porch, patio or garden, but can be kept inside too. The great thing is, they still have roots and will take in lots of water, keeping them fresher for longer.

  • Try to choose a pot grown tree with a uniform shape, which is firm in the pot. The soil in the pot should be moist and the tree should not show any signs of drying out.
  • You could try to replant your pot grown tree in your garden – fingers crossed, it may just grow!
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Dispose of your tree

You’ve had a wonderful Christmas, and your real tree has stood proudly in the corner of the room, receiving admiring looks, for weeks.

  • Now it’s time to repay the favour and dispose of it safely and in an eco-friendly fashion. Here’s a few ideas...
  • The most environmentally conscious way to dispose of your tree is to compost it yourself in your compost bin. If you don’t have one, you can get one here.
  • If you’re unable to compost it yourself, you can get your tree recycled by taking it to one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres across the county.
  • Some councils pick up trees as part of the regular kerbside collection. They’ll make sure it gets recycled.  You may need to cut the tree into manageable pieces if it’s very large. Contact your local council to find out what you need to do.
  • Some communities run a local residents group which organises a Christmas tree collection each year. If you can’t find one, why not start one yourself?
  • And don’t forget, if you have a pot grown tree, you could try to replant it in your garden. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that it will grow, but with some care and attention, it may just flourish.