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Half of all house fires start in the kitchen which is the best place to install fire blankets and domestic fire extinguishers; the first line of defence against a fire.

A fire blanket is the safest way to extinguish a cooking fire. Most modern blankets are made of woven glass; some are coated to ensure oils and fats can't penetrate.

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Below details the recommended positioning for your fire safety essentials. Don't forget, fire extinguishers & blankets are the first line of defence.

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Domestic fire extinguishers are not all used in the same way. Read and remember the specific instructions for your chosen fire extinguisher when you buy one, and install it in a prominent position in your home.

The government recommmend that you and your family know your escape plan thoroughly in the event of a fire at home. For peace of mind, consider keeping compact escape ladders in your upstairs bedrooms.

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