Be prepared for snow & ice

Prepare your home for
snow & ice

Winter weather can cause havoc in the home. We've put together some practical steps that you can take to protect your home from the cold.

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  • Pipe insulation

    Insulate pipes in unheated spaces such as garages. These pipes are most at risk of freezing & bursting.

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  • Insulate outdoor taps

    For extra protection, insulate your outdoor tap at the same time as you insulate your pipes.

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  • Radiator foil

    Specialist foil placed down the back of a radiator will reflect heat back into a room.

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  • Portable home heating

    Portable heaters warm up quickly and save both money & energy by heating specific rooms.

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  • Draught proof

    B&Q have an extensive range of draught excluders to help you seal all the cracks before the cold snap.

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  • Plant protection

    It's important to shield plants from frost as repeat exposure to freeze and thaw can damage plants.

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Coping with cold weather & clearing up

When extreme weather hits, it's worth investing in products that lessen the effects of ice & snow & help keep life as normal as possible.

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  • Snow shovel

    You may need a shovel to clear your driveway and surrounding areas to make them safe for use.

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  • De-icer & De-icing salt

    De-icer is ideal for preventing snow and ice forming, or defrosting already settled snow and ice.

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  • Anti-Freeze & screen wash

    Make sure that your radiator doesn't stall by filling it with some antifreeze.

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  • Ice scraper

    An ice scraper is essential to ensure your windscreen is clear and it's safe to drive.

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  • Homefire Ecoal

    Keep warm with Homefire Ecoal. Ideal for multi-fuel stoves & open fires.

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  • Rocksalt

    Available in your nearest store, Rock Salt is the most efficient way to clear snow & ice.

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Don't forget to protect yourself

  • Wellington boots

    It's always a good idea to invest in a pair of classic wellington boots; waterproof protection to protect your feet from the cold.
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  • Torches

    Extreme weather, such as snow, can cause power cuts. Invest in a torch and batteries as part of your preparation.
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  • Breakdown kits

    Ice & snow can cause hazardous driving conditions. Make sure you're prepared with our emergency breakdown kits.
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