Wet weather guide

Be prepared for rain

A little rain rarely causes worry, but a lot of rain can be dangerous & disruptive. Our wet weather guide can help you prepare for the worst.

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  • Flood prevention

    If you live in an area that's likely to flood, it's important to be prepared

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  • Guttering

    Maintaining your guttering can prevent water damage to your home

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  • Rain Deflectors

    Rain deflectors & door seals prevent rain coming into your home

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  • Sheds & storage

    Protect your garden tools & furniture from rain with a weatherproof shed

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  • Water butts

    Utilise the rain by collecting with a water butt

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Wet weather recovery

If your house floods it can become uninhabitable and personal belongings can be destroyed. We can help with the difficult cleaning process.

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  • Dehumidifiers

    Combat condensation, mould and damp with a dehumidifer

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  • Water pumps

    Ease the cleaning of flooded rooms & cellars with a water pump

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  • Indoor cleaning

    Whatever the damage, we can help with our range of cleaning supplies

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  • Tarpaulin

    Quickly fix holes in the roof, walls, or windows with waterproof tarpaulin

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  • Buckets

    Catch continuing leaks with a simple bucket

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Don't forget to protect yourself

  • Wellington boots

    It's always a good idea to invest in a pair of classic wellington boots; waterproof protection before, during and after the rain.
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  • Torches

    Rain, high winds and flash floods can all cause power cuts. Invest in a torch and batteries as part of your flood preparation.
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  • Protective clothing

    When cleaning a flooded area, you could be exposed to dangerous chemicals. Get protected with our protective work wear.
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Help & Advice


How to clean out guttering

Maintaining your guttering is one of the most important things you can do to prevent water damage to your home. Watch our video for hints & tips.