Protect your home from wind damage

Be prepared for high winds

Strong winds can put enormous pressure on your property. Our handy guide goes some way to helping you prevent damage to the outside of your home.

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  • Draught proofing

    Draught proof sealant can be used around your home for insulation & to avoid draughts

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  • Check fencing

    Make sure boundary fences are secure, with posts firmly set in the ground.

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  • Don't forget the garden

    Cut & clear dangerous tree limbs that could pose a threat during a storm.

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  • Protect your belongings

    Secure anything that could become dangerous during a storm.

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  • Secure garden building

    Make sure your shed is in good condition & your roofing felt is secure.

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Coping during & after high winds

It's important you know how to protect yourself during a storm and safely clean up afterward. We've put together a list of guidelines to help you stay safe.

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  • Stay safe

    Strong winds can cause fluctuations in power supply, stay safe with surge protectors.

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  • Invest in a generator

    Investing in a generator means you can still power essential appliances if you lose power.

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  • Portable heating

    A portable heater heats up quickly and can be used in any room of the home.

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  • Back up batteries

    If you lose power you will need batteries to power torches, radios and mobile phone chargers.

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  • Repair your roof

    Check your roof for dislodged or broken tiles & secure them as soon as possible after the storm.

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Don't forget to protect yourself

  • Protective clothing

    If you're going to be using a garden power tool, such as a chain saw, to cut & clear any dangerous tree limbs, you'll need to protect yourself.
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  • Torches

    Rain, high winds and flash floods can all cause power cuts. Invest in a torch and batteries as part of your flood preparation.
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  • Breakdown kits

    High winds can cause hazardous driving conditions. Make sure you're prepared with our emergency breakdown kits.
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Help & Advice


How to fix a broken fence

High winds can easily destroy boundary fencing. If you were unlucky enough to be a victim of gales, watch how to guide to find out how to fix your fence.