Frequently asked questions

The B&Q App questions answered

  • Does the app cost anything? No, the app is free to download and own.
  • How do I log in to the app? Simply follow the on-screen instructions on the app to either login or join the B&Q Club if not already a member.
  • Can I scan my B&Q Club membership barcode in-store? Yes, your membership barcode can be scanned at any checkout in store. If you are using the self-service checkouts you will need to ask a member of staff to help you access the relevant checkout screen.
  • What if I do not get an internet connection in a B&Q store? As long as you were logged in to the app when you had an internet connection and remain logged in, you will still be able to access your membership details. A number of our stores now also have free Wi-Fi so you can easily use the great features in our app.
  • What is the store locator? The store locator helps you find your nearest B&Q store using your phone's built in GPS, or you can search using a location or address.
  • Why download the app? I already receive Club information via email. The B&Q app is a convenient way to access all your B&Q Club information whilst on the move and in-store. You can easily access your membership number rather than having to find an email or print out to take to store. You can also see current B&Q offers, find out more information on products, view help and advice videos and locate your nearest store.
  • How do I remove the app? You can uninstall it just like any other app.