Introducing easyGrow™ B&Q's simple solution to a beautiful garden

Using our innovative Teabag Technology™, easyGrow™ makes planting easier whilst keeping plants healthy. Revolutionary packaging means that there's no mess and no fuss; just beautiful bedding and borders.

easyGrow™ is now only £2 for 6 & 9 bedding plant packs. Available in store only ^.

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Why easyGrow™?

  • Easy planting

    Take the fuss out of tending to your garden with the new, exclusive and exciting product from B&Q, easyGrow™. The self-contained bag means the bedding plants are easy to use and easy to dispose of; just pop straight into the soil and you're done!

  • Healthier plants

    Fragile, growing roots are protected by the biodegradable bag, so no more broken plants - which make for healthier, beautiful blooms that stay in tip top condition.

  • Kind to the planet

    Not only is this innovative product great for you and your garden, but it's kind to the environment too - the new packaging is 100% recyclable, plus there's 25% less, so no more polystyrene trays and its almost peat free.

    Your garden just got that little bit greener... And pink, and orange and blue...

Pop straight into the soil!

Create a riot of colour

Try blues, pinks, purples and white; easyGrow™, using Teabag Technology™
is available across our full range of bedding plants. 20 different bedding plants available.

easyGrow™ is available in store only.

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Why easyGrow™?

Our video demonstrates just how easy planting can be.

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Great for gardening with kids

The biodegradable pods are robust and easy
to handle so they're perfect for little (green)
fingers to have fun with.

What is Teabag Technology™?

Our innovative Teabag Technology™ binds together a natural fibre made from coconut husks, known as coir. The individual bags retain more water and protects each plant root, giving them the best start in life.

easyGrow is kind to the planet

  • We're doing our bit for recycling with new 100% recyclable plant trays - filling up landfill sites is rubbish.
  • Plants grown in super-sustainable coir instead of peat - we're doing our bit to protect important and irreplaceable natural habitats.
  • Using coir instead of peat to grow our bedding plants means as a business we're using 50% less peat to grow our plants.
  • 100%recyclable packaging
  • 25%less packaging than conventional polystyrene trays
  • All easyGrow&trade plants are grown in the UK!

^While stocks last. 'Was' prices vary.