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Sizzle this summer with our new & improved barbecue range

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Outdoor furniture

New 2014 leisure furniture. Stylish and practical, they're perfect for indoor and outdoor relaxation.

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Outdoor Furniture

Food and drink

Keep it simple to accommodate a variety of guests. A barbecue is the perfect solution, alongside buffet style nibbles, allowing your guests to serve themselves as they please.

For the more adventurous, give your party a theme - what about a black and white style? Blackened chicken on white mashed potatoes, brownies with vanilla ice cream, and black-and-white cocktails, like white Russians. A good tip is to use paper plates and plastic cups to save cleanup time.

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Barbecue Gazebo

Whatever the weather

Decide on an indoor and outdoor strategy, for weather preparations. A gazebo outside can both provide shelter from rain and sun damage, not to mention reducing the glare on your TV - bonus!

Cluster seating with chairs and extra pillows to allow friends to gather closely and get a good view of the action.

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After party

Ensure your party doesn't fizzle out as the sun goes down by creating a lasting ambience. Include items such as outdoor lighting for soft glows and fire pits or chimeneas for warmth.

Your guests will want to carry on until dawn, or as long as you'll have them!

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After party