Grow & enjoy with a little help from B&Q

The gardening season is upon us and whether you are already a gifted green fingered gardener or a new horticultural novice we can help you grow, trim and weed your way to a perfectly blooming garden.

  • Plants

    Adding beauty with flowers and shrubbery can seem like a daunting task. Allow us to take the mystery out of planting and help you plan a floral display which lasts all year round.

  • Kitchen garden

    Whatever your garden size, anyone can grow their own vegetables and fruit. Explore our kitchen garden growing guide to set you up for a season full of fresh home grown produce.

    Kitchen garden
  • Lawn care

    The British Lawn obsession, this year, don't let it take over your life. Build an action plan for the year and understand the available innovative products that make it easier.

    Lawn care