Forest friendly

Ethical. Traceable. Sustainable.

If there is any wood or paper in a B&Q product,
we make sure it meets legal, social and
environmental standards.

  • B&Q only buy responsibly sourced wood Behind every one of our 16000 products that use wood, is 20 years hard work and the Forest Friendly Promise:

    - Always from a sustainable source
    - Always replenishing what's taken
    - Helping to protect woodland habitats
    - Helping to support forest livelihoods
    - Protecting future supply
  • 16000 products that can be traced to their forest of origin At B&Q we use a lot of wood for and in our products. 16,000 of the products you'll find on our shelves contain or are made from wood. You'll spot some of our wooden products easily (examples include flooring, decking or garden furniture), at other times the wood we use is hidden inside the products so you may not even realise it is there (examples include wallpaper).

    If there is any wood or paper in a product, we require it to be traceable back to sources independently verified to be well-managed, meeting legal, social and environmental standards or is verified recycled.
  • No illegally logged timber Clearing forests illegally is one of the biggest threats to the world's forests.

    Because we know where our timber comes from, we know that the trees have been felled legally. We use independent expert organisations to police this process.
  • 20 years of pioneering work to protect forests Because we only buy responsibly sourced wood, you can be confident that by choosing B&Q products, you are helping to protect forests for the future.

    Forest Friendly wood does not damage ancient forests, harm wildlife or jeopardise the future of communities who depend on the forest.