Forest friendly

Protecting the rights and welfare of workers

Did you know that over 1.6 billion people depend on the forest for their livelihood, and that forests are home to 300 million people?

B&Q's Forest Friendly programme aims to protect workers' welfare and rights - and encourages the employment of local people.

Each of the independent assessment schemes that B&Q works with for the Forest Friendly programme has ethical standards that are checked when verifying that wood has been responsibly sourced.

Respecting the rights of indigenous people is an important requirement for B&Qs Forest Friendly programme.

The needs and interests of forest communities and tribes are taken into account when determining whether an independent assessment scheme is appropriate for Forest Friendly.

Source: United Nations

Chain of Custody

When a tree is harvested, both the stump and tree are given a number and this is logged as part of the forestry management certificate required by FSC® or PEFC.

When the tree arrives at the sawmill, this number is recorded and linked to the number on the mill's chain of custody certificate.

At every subsequent stage, numbers are recorded. This gives a paper trail that provides schemes like FSC® the ability to track back exactly where the wood has come from - and check that the trees were felled legally from a sustainably managed forest.

B&Q has full chain of custody with both FSC® and PEFC. Email if you'd like to know more about this process.

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