Save water in the bathroom

The bathroom accounts for roughly two-thirds of domestic water consumption, so it's the easiest place for us all to start saving water.

  • Showers and baths

    Most baths have a capacity of about 80 litres. Switching to a shower can use less water - but only if you don't linger. Power showers can use as much as 13 litres per minute - so a 10 minute shower could use more water than a bath!

    Aerating shower heads mix up air with water so that you get the same amount of power from your shower but use significantly less water. They can be fixed to most mixer type showers.

    Electric showers tend to use less water than mixer showers. At B&Q, all our electric showers carry the water label.

  • Toilets

    Waterwise estimate that there are around 45 million toilets in UK homes, using an estimated two billion litres of fresh water every day. Waterwise have also calculate that the average household flushes 5,000 times every year. Older toilets can have a flush capacity as high as 13 litres - so switching to a dual flush toilet with a flush volume of just 4 litres for a short flush can make a real difference to the amount of water your home uses.

    The Energy Saving Trust have calculated that if a 4 person household change an older toilet for a dual flush model with flush volumes of 6 and 4 litres, it could reduce metered water bills by £123 every year.

    If you don't want to change your toilet, there are devices you can fit that convert a toilet to dual flush.