Underfloor central heating systems - These unique low-profile underfloor heating systems fit over existing floors. Ideal for all types of flooring and suitable for any room in your home.

It's easier than you think

What are the benefits?

  • Ideal for both renovation and new build projects.
  • Can be installed over the existing floor and only 18mm in depth.
  • Allows underfloor heating to be installed where traditional underfloor systems would either require expensive excavation or for the floor to be raised to an unacceptable level.
  • As easy to install as laying laminate flooring, putting together flat pack furniture and removing a radiator.

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Heavier, therefore suitable for use with heavyweight floor coverings, such as ceramic tiles or solid wood. Also, floor coverings can be fixed directly to Overlay to avoid movement.

Overlay Lite

Overlay Lite

Lightweight insulated panel, suitable for lightweight floor coverings like laminate & carpet. Easy to handle and cut, ideal for larger areas and multiple room installations.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can carpet underlay be used?
A: Yes, carpet underlay can be used on top of 10mm MDF as per Overlay Lite instructions.
Q: Will tile adhesive secure the tiles to the Overlay and if so will it need to be a flexible adhesive?
A: Yes, as with Overlay instructions, use a sealant with flexible adhesive and grout.
Q: Would I need to remove and then replace the skirting board around the underfloor heating?
A: This can be done but is not essential and depends on how high you want your skirting board.
Q: If I am using wooden flooring e.g. laminate/solid wood/engineered wood, will I need to leave an expansion gap?
A: An expansion gap does not need to be left for either the Overlay or the Overlay Lite panels so they can be laid next to a wall.