healthy homes

We set specific requirements for our products to ensure you and your home are protected.

why do we care?

As our customers insulate and draft proof their homes, it becomes ever more important to ensure that these homes remain healthy and pleasant environments in which to live.

With this in mind we have set requirements that our products must meet.

our commitments
  • Paints: we require that all our suppliers inform customers of the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) content of their paints via a VOC "globe" illustration. VOCs can be present in both solvent and water based paints and cause unpleasant odours in the home and contributes to air pollution. The paints with the lowest VOC content are categorised as "minimal", and the ones with the most as "very high"
  • Chemicals: many products are made from man-made chemicals, everything from plastics to garden chemicals and fertilisers. Many of these chemicals are harmless to humans and the environment, but some are not. We list these potentially harmful chemicals in our restricted substances lists, ensuring that our suppliers minimise risks and move to more benign alternatives
what we've achieved so far
  • Working with our suppliers, we've substituted potentially harmful chemicals from products
  • The average VOC of the paints we sell now is considerably lower than 10 years ago. For example, all our Colours wall paints are minimal VOC, meaning they are practically VOC free and significantly less than most of our competitors