natural habitats

We source products from all over the world
and are committed to protecting natural
habitats and communities.

why do we care?

Sourcing more than 40,000 home improvement products from around the world means that we can have a huge impact on the habitats from where the products are sourced.

Timber, for example, is one area where we have made great strides in reducing our impact through working hard on sustainable sourcing since 1991.

our commitments
  • 100% of our timber is compliant with our stated policy by 2012 to ensure it is all legal and sustainable
  • Working towards eliminating peat in line with government target of 90% dilution
  • Favour previously developed land over greenfield sites and undertake documented environmental assessment for all new store construction
what we've achieved so far
  • We have more than 16,000 products containing wood or paper of which more than 90% come from either FSC® or PEFC full chain of custody certified sources
  • One of the founding members of WWF 1995 Group - B&Q GFTN-UK Forest Product Reporting Summary for 2010 Opens pdf in new window
  • All planting on new store sites peat free
  • Founding member of the Growing Media Initiative
  • Encouraging peat free through price parity, marketing, eliminated 100% peat bales and currently 53% of total volume of growing media sold is non peat.
  • Non-native invasive plant list used when sourcing plants