Transport has a substantial environmental impact. We are committed to reducing our transport related CO2 emissions.

why do we care?

As a national retailer with a global supply chain we have a very big impact when it comes to transportation, which has implications for carbon emissions too. 21% of total UK emissions result directly from transport.

We have committed to reduce transport related CO2 by 50% by 2023. As a step towards this, we will be using a fleet of 110 double deck trailers that we believe will reduce the amount of transport emissions by 7%.

our commitments
  • 50% cut in flights within Great Britain by 2012
  • 50% CO2 reduction by 2023 (06/07 baseline)
what we've achieved so far
  • We've started replacing single deck lorries with double decker ones. Two levels means more loading space for stock, resulting in fewer journeys and saving both fuel and carbon emission
  • 33% reduction in CO2 from business travel. This has been achieved by a car share incentive, car policy aligned with carbon reduction and actively promoting sustainable transport to our staff and customers via our Travel Plans programme
  • 22% reduction in CO2 from logistics. We've looked closely at network planning and how we can be smarter about how we route lorries
  • We've reduced the speed at which our distribution fleet can travel to ensure we get the best miles per gallon that we can. We've even trained all our drivers to drive more efficiently in order to improve the fuel consumption of our fleet and reduce emissions
  • When we deliver stock to our stores we 'backhaul' new stock from our suppliers based nearby to our distribution centres wherever possible. This saves road miles as the supplier doesn't have to make that journey to deliver stock to B&Q
  • Maximising load carried per vehicle
  • Electric vehicles tested on store fleet