our water usage

Water is a precious commodity.

We are implementing measures to reduce usage as a business and products for you to save water.

why do we care?

Many of us would be surprised to hear that there is less water available in parts of the UK than in some Mediterranean countries - despite the large amounts of rain we receive! Indeed, this year has seen the lowest recorded rainfall since records began.

With patchy supplies and the fact that we are metered on the amount of water we use, it makes both environment and business sense to ensure we are not wasting water in our operations. This includes reducing the amount of water we use in our truck wash facility and in our garden centres.

We also provide products such as water butts and irrigation systems, aerated taps and dual flush toilets, to help you save water in your homes and gardens.

our commitments
  • 10% reduction in water usage/m2 by 2011/12 (2007/08 baseline)
  • Installation of rainwater harvesting and green roofs in new stores
  • Introduction of clear labelling on products to enable customers to see the water efficiency of the product they are buying
what we've achieved so far
  • 8% reduction in CO2 from water use
  • Rainwater harvesting in 5 stores and first green roof (450 m2) at New Malden
  • Smart water meters in all stores in Scotland
  • Carry out research with our stores to understand what best practice looks like, particularly in our garden centres