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What is Streetclub?

With today's busy lives, we don't always get to know our neighbours properly, and gain the benefits of feeling more connected, safer and happier with where we live.

Streetclub is all about bringing back that sense of community by providing a website for you and your neighbours to talk, share and plan together. It's quick and easy to join, completely free, and ideal for residents groups, management committees, villages and other small community groups.

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You Can

1. Catch up with your neighbours easily and conveniently

2. Ask your fellow club members for genuinely local recommendations

3. Give advice, lend tools and ask neighbours for help to save time and money.


"Streetclub is a great way to get the community together. We've all been her for years and never met until today" - Sue Turner

"It is the perfect place to keep the channel of communications open" - Richard Hammond

Streetclub Values: