engagement & recognition

Our people are the lifeblood of our business, and they are the real driver for our long-term success.

why do we care?

Engaged staff create great customer service and a healthy businesses, and that is why we invest so much time and effort on maintaining and improving staff morale.

We have a lot of great people in our business with lots of focus, energy, passion and commitment. As a business we take pride in recognising people who deliver the best customer service and great business results.

our commitments
  • To invite all employees to participate in our annual employee engagement survey, run by Gallup, to give us an insight into how our employees are feeling working at B&Q
  • To provide employees with the tools to recognise each other for doing a job well done, with prize money allocated to each store and each store support office department
  • Yearly recognition awards dinner attended by all the finalists and their partners, winners presented with awards and prize money