our suppliers

It is our duty to ensure that everyone involved in B&Q's supply chain benefits from trading with us.

why do we care?

Ensuring we reduce our environmental impact is only part of the picture, who and how our products are made is equally important.

We actively participate in initiatives aimed at improving the conditions of workers in our supply chains whilst having the systems and processes in place to ensure our suppliers our meeting our requirements. We believe that the greatest contribution that we can make is to look at the current systems and processes and move to a more engaging, collaborative approach that pro-actively helps our suppliers and their factories to improve.

our commitments
  • To work in partnership with key direct/domestic suppliers to set new standards in sustainable supply
  • Complete 'on-boarding' of suppliers onto SEDEX by the end of 2011
  • By 2023 all B&Q suppliers to achieve Grade C and above on the Environmental and Ethical assessment elements of our supplier management process
Operations Standards for Supply Chains PDF
what we've achieved so far...
  • Over 140 suppliers linked to B&Q on Sedex (approx 30% of total supplier base)

    In recognition of the fact we have a large, complex supply chain we joined SEDEX - a web-based system that provides a membership based data exchange. The system enables members like B&Q to input information like when a factory was last audited and share it with others who may also be using that factory. Our membership of SEDEX provides us with greater visibility at all levels of our supply chain. It also leads to a reduction in the number of audits a production site may face as SEDEX acts by sharing this information
  • Active member of the Quarry Working Group, a scheme aimed at improving working conditions in quarries