• Add a statement to your bedroom
    Add a statement to your bedroom
  • Fresh and simple bathroom décor
    Fresh and simple bathroom décor
  • Contemporary feel
    Contemporary feel
  • Elegance and style
    Elegance and style
  • Colourful combinations
    Colourful combinations
  • Fun and creative kids space
    Fun and creative kids space

Why convert?

It’ll give your family the space it needs and will push up the price of your home when you decide to sell it. You may even have enough space to install a new bathroom up there.

Needs must

Imagine if your trip to work was as simple as climbing into your loft. More people than ever before now work from home on a regular basis, but many still have to sacrifice space in dining-rooms, kitchens and bedrooms to accommodate a home office. Transform your loft into a comfortable office or study, freeing up valuable space elsewhere in your home. You can officially say goodbye to the rush hour.

Maybe all you really need is somewhere to escape from the world or from the rest of the house. Picture your attic as a bespoke reading or therapy room, a family fun room complete with 50” TV and games consoles, or a place to paint and be creative. When it comes to inventive uses for the least-used room in your home, the sky really is the limit with a touch of your imagination.

Dress to impress

A new space means a whole new canvas to put your personal touch on. If you’ve opted for a roof window, then you will need blinds to help block out the light. Lofts can become real sun traps, therefore, if you’re using this space as your home office, you will want to make sure you can see your screen!

Then there is a simple task of lighting your room. Will you use spotlights or ceiling lights? Or maybe you’d prefer wall lights next to your bed? Desk lamps and floor lamps are ideal for your home office and they mean you can work into the night without getting eye strain.

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your loft conversion you will need to bear in mind that if you go for a laminate floor, you may get a lot of noise when you’re sat in your bedroom or living room downstairs. Using a high quality underlay can help muffle and dull those sounds, so it won’t sound like a herd of elephants jumping around in your loft.

Top tip... if you opt for wooden or laminate flooring then add rugs to the floor to help reduce the sound of noisy footprints.

Your loft space could soon transform the dynamic of your family home. Think of what you would do with that extra space and get creative. It's the perfect addition to your family.