• Colour Pop
    Colour Pop
  • Metallic
  • Kitchen Make-over
    Kitchen Make-over
  • Functional
  • Arts & Crafts
    Arts & Crafts
  • Window self adhesive
    Window self adhesive
  • Window static cling
    Window static cling
  • Window static premium
    Window static premium
  • Anti-slip

For a great range of self-adhesive films and static cling films, we've got it covered!

Our collection of sticky back plastic products fulfil many functions:

Protection - Sticky back for shelf & drawer lining and covering books. Tablecloths and placemats for protecting table tops from stains and spillages.
Decoration - Sticky back for decorating walls, windows, furniture and accessories.
Privacy - Window films which provide privacy and décor without loss of light.
Renovation - Sticky back for revamping old furniture, doors, table tops and kitchen cupboards.

We also have a range of speciality films:

Sun protection film
* 99% uv protection
* scratch resistant
* reflects 67% of heat

Whiteboard film
* office and home use
* pen included

Blackboard film
* kid’s bedrooms
* memo board
* ideal as re-usable labels

Mirror Privacy film
* 99% uv protection
* privacy
* reduces glare

* hobbies and crafts
* soft texture prevents scratches

With so many options available, you can really get creative with our new range!