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Wallpaper & Wall Stickers

Make your walls wonderful with B&Q’s extensive range of wallpaper and wall stickers. We’ve got wallpaper in every colour, theme and style so you can create exactly the effect you want. Totally transform your living spaces just by changing the wallpaper. Make a style statement with vintage patterns or brighten up your kids’ rooms with dinosaurs or Disney. We’ve even got wallpaper that’s great in wet rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. If you wanted to you could finish off every room in the house in style with one of B&Q’s brilliant wallpaper options.

Don’t get hung up on the actual wallpapering part because there’s a new, easier and faster way to hang wallpaper called Paste the Wall wallpaper. You paste your wall first and then hang the wallpaper straight from the roll. You can have the guest room ready for the weekend after all! Or if you’re looking for something different try our special order wallpapers. We’ve got over 400 Graham & Brown designer wallcoverings available online. And we’ll send you A4 sized samples of your favourites within three working days so you can see what they look like in situ.

Wall stickers are a clever idea especially if you want a quick and inexpensive way to finish off your look. They’re perfect if you want to create a point of interest in your room but you don’t want a whole wall of patterned wallpaper. Incredibly versatile and stylish, wall stickers are an interior designer’s secret weapon. B&Q has one of the most extensive selections of wallpapers and wall stickers you’ll find anywhere. With B&Q it’s easy to add personality to your home no matter what your budget.



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