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If you are growing fruit and vegetables or raising shrubs or bedding plants from seeds in the UK climate it is a big help to have a greenhouse. At B&Q we have brought together a wide selection of aluminium frame greenhouses in sizes and styles to suit all budgets and gardens.

Our greenhouses are low maintenance and easy to assemble. We offer a range of colours and finishes and either polycarbonate or glass glazing. In addition our great range of greenhouse accessories provide all you need to get started. From greenhouse staging and potting benches to heaters and rainwater kits, we can help you create an environment in which your plants should thrive.

If space is limited our range includes several compact greenhouses that fit on balconies or in small walled gardens. If you are worried about cost, check out our range of growhouses and coldframes. These are highly economically alternatives to a traditional greenhouse and are ideal for plant propagation and protection of young shoots, or for hardening off plants heading from the warm greenhouse to the garden.

B&Q’s range gives you a great choice of greenhouses and coldframes that will bring warmth and shelter to your garden and help your seeds to become strong, healthy vegetables, shrubs or bedding plants.



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